Jan. 27th, 2010

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About 2 months ago we got a programmable thermostat for our furnace. I left it at its defaults of 70 between 6am-8am and 5pm-10pm and 60 the rest of the time and it seems to be working well. We've discovered one sort of amusing thing though. It seems that The cats don't notice it all that much, except for Rev...we now have to be careful flopping on our bed because there's a good bet that he's burrowed under the covers where its warm. I'd seen him do it a handfull of times in the past, but now its nearly all the time. Poor chilly cat.

I have to admit though, the difference between 70 and 60 when you are just sitting around is Noticeable...more than I would have thought. I've been home the last 3 days burning off PTO before i lose it(stupid policy change, why cut the carryover down to 40 hours when the first quarter is when we have the least work and could most afford the time off?) and I've been wrapped up in my robe(Jess made me a kickass fleece robe for Xmas) and a blanket over my feet because its too chilly not too. The cats are loving me being home though, the bedroom isn't closed to them like usual and they're enjoying the napspace(I swear EVERYONE loves that bed...every person thats napped on it has loved it, guess it was worth the price).


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