Feb. 27th, 2011

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So 2010 was quite a year for me, and had a ton of stuff happen. [livejournal.com profile] angie_di were still living together, and planning a wedding. I'd originally wanted to wait till she turned 25, but we talked about it at length and realized it wasn't going to make any difference, and she really liked the idea of getting married in 2010. In February I had a couple "straw that broke the camels back" events happen that lead me to start very actively hunting for work...which proved fortuitous in that a former coworkers boss was changing jobs and they needed an IS administrator to replace him. I applied, and ended up being offered the position. It wasn't quite what I'd expected, they'd reworked it from a management to a technical position, with the superintendent handling the management. That lasted about a week :-) and i took over most all aspects of the job.

All that happened in Feb to April, and as a condition of hire I told them I needed the RenFaire weekends off, as well as the time to get married off. One of the managers interviewing me laughed when I told him that I needed time off to get married, and said it wouldn't be a problem, they'd just class it as bereavement leave. I chuckled at it, but knew [livejournal.com profile] angie_di would be atleast a touch miffed by it all.

Renfaire was good, though exhausting. I was flying home Thursday's night, and racing for the airport Sunday night to fly back to work, so I didn't get to see Strike or any of that. Since I was landing in Fairbanks at midnight, and my bus was at 5am, I was just napping in the airport, so I wasn't getting much rest. Made for a long LONG Monday there. While this was all going on we were finishing up the last of the coordination for getting everyone to Reno for our wedding. [livejournal.com profile] angie_di's best friend C was her maid of Honor and [livejournal.com profile] bulldog_ak was my Best (wo)Man and we made sure they were there.

I flew home on Monday June 28th and we headed for Reno the next evening. To make this trip even more interesting and nerve wracking, I had dropped my phone causing it to really REALLY want to self discharge in about 30 minutes, and her phone stopped working because her mom found an iPhone 4 and bought it for her, so her old phone quit working as soon as they activated the new one. Made coordinating with people when we landed fun. We did manage to find everyone and start getting things setup. She'd decided that she wanted her father to perform the ceremony, and in Nevada thats not a simple thing to setup like it is in AK. She did get it done though.

The next day I went to the Apple Store to see if my phone was fixable, and ended up with a new phone. Sadly not an iPhone 4, but they warranty replaced the 3GS. Can't complain there really. We went shopping around town, and generally just killed time. The next day we collected the rest of the wedding party from the airport, and then went shopping again, and got a marriage license(simultaneously nerve wracking and calming) while checking out the location...which was weird because I'd never seen any photos of Reno but the Riverwalk was exactly what I'd pictured it to be. My parents arrived that evening and we all went out to dinner together so everyone could meet and greet and get to know each other.

Since our wedding would be a 1234am, we spent the 2nd racing around getting ready. I hunted up things to decorate the room with and her favorite wine while she was getting her hair done, and then we went to In&Out to get dinner for everyone before the ceremony. After dinner they headed to her parents room at the hotel downtown(not were we were staying) and got ready while I got ready at our hotel.

Everyone met up at the hotel downtown, and I told everyone that She wanted to be married at 1234am but since timing that to happen would be near impossible, not to look at watches or cellphones or anything..we'd just declare whenever we finished as 1234am. They all came down, and sent most of the wedding party on to the site on the riverwalk ahead of them so I wouldn't see her till she got there. Got down there and I was standing looking at a little water fountain taking a moment to collect myself...I was seriously nervous about it. Later she confided in me that standing above us seeing me there and not over at the site, she was worried I was about to change my mind. I wasn't, but I needed that moment to myself.

We went though with the ceremony, with me flubbing a line(which she'll never let me forget :-) but otherwise getting though it all. We were pronounced, kissed, and stepped back...only to hear her brother the wiseass say "I know we're not supposed to look at the time, but did you realize its 1234am?" I pulled out my phone and amazingly...it was 1234. We'd gotten it down to the minute perfectly...come to find out later, she'd wanted us to START at 1234, but hey, it worked out well and we had a good omen to start off married life. We both raced to update our facebook status after that :-)

The wedding was some wonderful amazing chaos, followed by the reception 3 weeks later which was practically rained out. I'm SO glad she talked me into buying the big tents we got. Honeymoon-wise we did what we're calling a pseudo-moon and took one of my RnR weeks and flew to Sitka and wandered around so she could show me all her favorite spots and I should show her all my favorite spots. It was a nice relaxing time.

That pretty much is what has been consuming my life, a new job I love, and a wife I love more than I can begin to express.


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