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Friday afternoon I headed out to Eagle River with a coworker to visit a client. We're driving down Old Glenn just about to pass the North Eagle River Loop road there where the two gas stations are, and I slow to let someone ahead of me turn and notice the white work-van behind me have to STOMP on his brakes to back down and avoid hitting me. I comment on this to my coworker C and he said that he'd seen it too. We get to the turn to AlaskaUSA there and I again see the same van stomping on his brakes....except this time, he didn't get stopped in time. BAM!

Pulled into the next parking lot and examined the damage, and discovered my bumper had performed its duties and was bent down rather nicely, but had prevented any other damage. Since I was on the clock I had to call 911 and have an officer come out and do a report, and get the other guy's ins and all the rest. Fun stuff there...discovered my phone's emerg mode(it won't let you make any other calls after a 911 call until you explictly take it out of emerg mode.

Waited about half an hour, talked with the officer and got the case number and everything and went on our way having decided that we were going to call it a day and not worry about the client until Tuesday. We were talking about it and I said "you know, I've had the whole nearly hitting someone thing happen to me before because I was too close, but I'm usually paranoid and hyper alert for at least the next 20 min after it happens...guess he wasn't." Right about then we both noticed...the van was behind us AGAIN.....and was wayyyyy behind us now. heh...

I am slightly irritated with my ins company though, the claims line says they're closed for the holiday and to file a claim online, but when you submit online it says that there is a systems error and has you call a phone number...which says they're closed for the holiday and to file a claim online.


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