Jan. 15th, 2007 02:06 am
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Since we were bored and didn't feel like sitting around the house today, [ profile] caitlyng and I decided to head down Turnagain Arm and see what there was to see. Yesterday it had been really nice out, but today turned into snowshowers and general ick. We pressed on though, because I wanted to see this 20 feet of snow I kept hearing about in Portage Valley.

We got out on to the Portage road and the light is just totally flat, you can barely tell where the road is for the sky. After a bit I realize that the eastbound lane has atleast 6 inches of snow plowed into it...looked like a plow had come out from the tunnel end and tossed snow out onto the berm, and into the eastbound lane. I'm plowing though this trying not to hit all the oncoming traffic when I notice that my AMP light on my dash is on, the battery meter is way way down, and steering just got HARD. I look for a place to pull off or turn around, then notice my temp needle is climbing skyward and I just stop.

I get out and take a look...and sure enough, no serpentine belt and my antifreeze is bubbling in its oveflow tank. Lovely

I called [ profile] kokuten and politely requested a rescue, and he got info for the truck and had NAPA pull a belt and had it waiting for him as he passed though Anchorage(he was in the valley). So we waited...and counted. Portage road is a fairly quiet road, but we still counted 25 or 30 vehicles that passed us before [ profile] kokuten got there. And of those, 12 stopped to see if we were ok. And atleast half of them said "Oh, was that YOUR belt we saw a couple miles back?" Gotta love Alaska :-)

On the way out though, the whole road was plowed of the 12 was a state DOT Plowtruck, and we had 2 scraper/sander trucks and 2 plowtrucks come back out from Whittier as we were installing the belt and getting on the road(the tunnel had just closed for the night though).
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I pulled into the overflow parking lot at work(I've never gotten around to getting a security badge, so I can't park in the secured parking garage), and I look around the lot. By a quick count, there were 17 trucks, 4 SUVs, 2 cars, and a minvan.

Just a wee bit truck heavy...but thats Alaska for you :-)


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