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Dec. 8th, 2008 10:51 pm
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[ profile] bulldog_ak: Talking to you is like stepping on a rake.
[ profile] crisavec: LOL...and the worst part is that I repeated that to [ profile] angie_di and she agreed with you
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Things from last week that were amusing or just plain strange.

Coming home from Wasilla at 2am Thursday morning I came upon a convoy moving a piece of heavy equipment into anchorage. They had 2 lead pilot cars and FOUR chase cars and were taking up both lanes of the Glenn and doing about 20MPH. I did attempt to bypass them by zooming up an offramp andback onto the highway but I wasn't fast enough and got stuck behind them again. I almost just went for it but one of the 4 chase cars was a cop and he flipped his lights at me so I didn't even try. Luckily for me, they got off the highway at Chugiak HS exit and let everyone pass them. As I passed I got to see what it was...was a very large crane on a big flatbed semi truck and hung over the edges of the semi by 6 feet on either side.

The last three nights of installs last week the sites all brought in movies to watch while they waited for us to complete the installs...and they all brought the SAME movie. Made of Honor, the new Patrick Dempsey movie. I only ever caught snippets of it, but we dropped by [ profile] bulldog_ak's saturday and she was having movie night with the tadpoles...and they'd gotten that movie. heh....I just HAD to stay and actually watch it all, and they were even nice enough to skip back 20 min to the beginning so I could see it all.
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This boggles the mind...or not.

Cory Cogdell is a "mouse hunter?" The Olympic bronze medalist braved a cliffhanger final round only to be identified by an Irish games commentator as a "mouse hunter," or so reports the Irish Times. That sent the writer on a riff.

Shooting mice, surely, is an excessive response to any threat they might pose, although perhaps kinder than guillotining them as they nibble on an Easi Single.

As it proved, though, Cory is, in fact, a "moose" hunter, which is precisely what Caitriona had said in the first place, meaning our ear-syringing ordeal might be more imminent than we first feared.

A native of Alaska, Cory has been limbering up for the Olympics for the last three years by blowing the heads off any innocent moose she happens to encounter, having been taught her shooting skills by her da, Dick.

"I harvested my first moose a couple of years ago," she said dispassionately, just as if moose weren't real people.

I wasn't aware moose were people...were you?

Art show

Nov. 20th, 2007 12:30 am
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Saturday [ profile] angie_di and I went to the art and craft show at the Egan and PAC. A mutual friend was exhibiting there and we wanted to see her...and I ended up buying a shiny from her for [ profile] angie_di. Seems she's been eying it lustfully for ages, and every time C makes one someone sees her working on it and offers her cash for a necklace for a friend ends up getting sold. But she had one, so I got it before someone else did :-)

While we wandered around we saw all sorts of exhibits, but we both ended up in the photography booths the most. One exhibitor in particular, Night Trax Aurora photography was impressive stuff. He still shoots film and actually builds his own medium and large format cameras and seems to do primarily night and auroral photography. Neat stuff.

After we got done wandering in the Egan and running across all sorts of people we know from Faire(Including the newest member of Red Court aged 1 month), we headed over to the PAC to see Bennett Images (owned by the parents of [ profile] poisondartfrog's SO) and chatted with them for awhile about landscape and nature photography, and they filled me in on what I'd missed at the last ASONP meeting. Seems that the presenter was trying to display AdobeRGB images on a computer screen, with the typical results(If you display AdobeRGB on a screen or projector you get very flat non-contrasty images that look need to convert them to sRGB for screen display)..

On our way out we walked past two booths that had me snickering. There was the Lumen Christi Catholic High School bake sales booth, and it was sitting right next to the "Bad Girls Of The North" booth.


Oct. 8th, 2007 10:56 pm
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QOTN last night., me addressing the house at large.
"Yeh, I'm brainfried and need something mindless to do, so I'm going to install XP and get that last PC he left rebuilt."

I've lost count of the number of times I've installed XP somewhere, as [ profile] kokuten its as close to a meditative zen act as I get these days.
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Lifted from Slashdot, credited to Anonymous Coward. I thought it was hilarous

The short, happy life of Hassium-270...

Hey, I'm alive! Wow! This is fun! I've got 114 protons... ...and 184 neutrons! I'm surrounded by high-energy beams,
scientists, and a homolog. Uh, oh! Am I a volatile oxide?!
No, way! I'm being swept in to a multistage chromatographic
detector, which is cooled along its length in a gradient
from room temperature at one end to -150 degrees Centigrade
(at the other end). But I've done nothing wrong!!!
Sure, I've got similar nuclear properties to Hs-269, but
you've got the wrong isotope! Whoa, I'm feeling weird...
Kind of, uh, uhn, un-s-s-stable... I'm definitely --

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Oh yes..I'm sure it will

The cats...and the indignities we inflict on them )
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Ford commercial...has a new Ford Shelby GT 500 being unloaded in Germany, and the customs agent looks at the man watching it be unloaded and comments to the man "Couldn't find a car you liked in Germany?". Then it cuts to scenes of the car zooming down the Autobahn in various weather.....and then back to the man. He replys to the customs agent "No....Couldn't find a speed limit I liked in America."


Sep. 22nd, 2006 11:40 pm
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I can be so evil at times. Last Friday I was in donating Blood, and the Phlebotomist was prepping everything to hook me up to the Alyx machine and she was chatting with me and a friend of hers that was there and her coworker(I'm a known quantity there so I join in the chatter alot) and she starts swabbing down my arm with iodine(not even asking the usual question of "am I allergic" that they are required to ask). I let her get about halfdone, and look at her and say "You do know that I'm allergic to iodine right?"

She about had heart failure on the the most STRICKEN look on her face and stepped back and said "You're not....." I lost it at this point and told her that no, I wasn't allergic. I just couldn't resist doing that though....I think it took her about 5 minutes to recompose herself enough to finish swabbing off my arm and get ready.

I did make it up to her later though...we were talking photography and she asked if I knew of any possible way to recover photos from a card that just up and appeared to be blank. I told her everything she needed to recover her photos and she was absolutely delighted....almost forgot about the scare :-)
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I was mucking out the truck last night so I had space for the tadpoles and friend in the back seat and I moved a bunch of stuff inside the house. Once I got done I looked at the living room couch and went "Damn..that needs cleaned off bad." So I cleaned up and put away everything on the couch and most of the rest of the living room(Barring my desk and the end table). I got done and it looked decent...atleast enough to settle the cleaning bug.

I sit down to check email before going to bed and hear a soft whispery sound behind me and turn....and my couch is no longer clean. Now there are 2 cats laying on it(and one sniffing at it) and giving me this look of "Its about TIME you cleaned off our perch!" heh
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Note to Self: When the baby decides she's done with snack #3 and you set the bottle aside, be sure you keep tabs on it so that it doesn't tip over and quietly drip drip all over your work slacks and the couch.


Jul. 26th, 2006 06:59 pm
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You REALLY says something about the Luddite level of one of your users when, rather than email you all the details of something she needs worked on, or scratching out a note on a sticky get a heavy stock card with the problem description TYPED on it with a typewriter taped to the monitor.
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"I can't talk about my job."
"Why? because it's classified?"
"No, because it bores people to death."


May. 8th, 2006 07:31 am
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It needed to wait 2 more days to really did. I've always wanted to say "hey, it snowed on my birthday", but to date the closest I've come is two days before. meh!

A moose

Oct. 31st, 2005 05:57 pm
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A moose ate my pumpkin.....

Well, [ profile] kokuten's pumpkin... I heard a rustle thump outside and open the door when no one rang the bell, and there stood a moose lipping the pumpkin. Then it knocked the lid off and started eating down the wall of the pumpkin. Then it knocked the chair and pumpkin onto the yard off the deck and proceeded to eat the front half of the pumpkin THOUGH the chair until it got bored and wandered off.

Pictures forthcoming

EDIT: The Photos
Moose Snacks )
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It seems that Microsoft is spreading virus's now. In specific, the Measles Virus.

The irony is killing me ;-)


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