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It seems that my mother, via one of her pseudo-grandkids(since neither I nor any of my siblings have reproduced yet, she went out and "adopted") is now the proud owned by of a cat.

This is a touch surprising, because even though we've had cats my whole life they've always been someone elses. Mudball was M's, Perc was mine and then Dad's, Teka is most Definitely M's, Angel was just the house cat and didn't glom onto any one person, Huggabear was S's, and there were a few others in there that I can't recall. But this new fellow has glommed onto Mom, and as far as she can remember he's the first since Charlie Brown, who died when I was a toddler.

So, without further adieu....Capt Jack the kitten

Captain Jack the cat )
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Thanksgiving day was nice. I spent it at the Tadpoles Grandparents hanging out with the extended family and a few other groups of people that were invited. One of them was a woman that used to work for IAI(I swear, everyone I know is either directly from IAI or via someone I met at IAI) and her daughters, and then two men who's names I never caught. Later on a woman showed up who looked familar but I couldnt place...we both assumed it was renfaire until we got to talking renfaire and come to find out that her network admin is an actor/Director. And then when I said "Oh yeh, he works up stairs from me" we realized that we both worked in the same building and have seen eachother there as well.

I had fun though...Post dinner I chased the kids around and later pulled out my camera. I was surprised and pleased to discover that [ profile] bulldog_ak's neice was inthralled by the red crosshatch lights on my flash, and has no isses at all with the flash actually going off. I got some outstandingly adorable photographs of her :-)

I was going to do a post about what I'm thankful for...but it really boiled down to
Wonderful godkids
Great friends
Amusing pets
Jobs that pays the bills and fuels my addictions(photography equipment isn't cheap)


Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:51 pm
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[ profile] bulldog_ak was talking with me on the way back from Virgin Creek, and we realized that I haven't seen her new niece yet. I started eying my schedule for Friday and ended up being able to slip out of work early and head over(after being told that she was leaving early, and then no she wasn't leaving early).

I have to admit she's adorable...and I have to wonder just what the heck the bank manager that called me for computer help(I've been playing phone tag with her all week waiting for her to have time to work on the problem over the phone) thought of me walking her though swapping a serial port while I was cooing at the baby. :-) She's a little scamp, would NOT open her eyes for me till I was on the phone and working...THEN she decides to see whats going on. *chuckles*

I guess there is a photo or two of me holding her, but [ profile] bulldog_ak has them.


Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:28 pm
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I was talking with [ profile] bulldog_ak Tuesday and decided to offer to collect the girls from TKD the next day. Not entirely sure what prompted me to do it, but not having seen them in over a month probably had a part *wry grin*

I showed up early...and looked at the back seat of my truck and thought "Oops...I really should remember to clean out the back seat BEFORE I offer to pick them up shouldn't I?" Thankfully as I was cleaning and attempting to stuff trash into a small grocery bag I found a box of kitchen sized trashbags and was able to clean out the truck thoroughly. Once that was accomplished and I had a seat cleaned out and seatbelt located I walked inside to watch them practice for a bit. I have to admit it is a much different style of training that what I remember, and I think the belt ranking is different from the studio that I attended when I still lived in RS.

We chatted as I drove them home, Jess telling me about wanting to get red streaks in her hair and me quizzing them about their TKD school and whatnot. It was good to just hear what they had to say and spend time with them. Once we got to the house we hung out, and they went out to clean the pool(with my help) and then went swimming. I ended up getting work cloths, but I didn't mind. Was funny to watch Jess's face the first time she nailed me, and she was so upset that when i attempted to show her that the water was mostly beading up and rolling off(Dockers Stain Defender) she didn't even see it. *chuckles*

I had to pull out the laptop and check some work stuff once they were done swimming, and ended up staying for dinner. [ profile] bulldog_ak did a fishfry and it was YUMMY.

Introspection )

When I went to leave, I discovered that I had a furry visitor in my truck. I'd left one of the wing vents open, and it seems a big orange cat decided that the drivers seat of my truck would be a good place to have a nap. It was funny trying to get him out...ended up opening both doors and shooing him out from the other one.
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And good news is even better....Just got this from Mom.

I got through!!! Sheri says that they have a lot of wind damage, loads of
tree's down on their property but they are fine. They have a couple of
small generator's so they can pump water a couple of times a day and fill
all the sinks and bathtubs so they have water. The other one they use to
power a small room air conditioner and lights and they've all 'moved' into
the air conditioned room. The power has been off for a week now and they
have no idea when it will come on again.

*breaths a sigh of relief*


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