Jul. 5th, 2006 02:10 am
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The fireworks went perfectly...I couldn't have done a better show without doing custom wiring and detonation rigging(which I'm toying with doing next, and yes I'll do it safely or not at all). It was a bit cloudy, so we started earlier this year...just after midnight. It ended up running about an hour and a half or so, I had 60 mortar launched rounds and another 20 or 30 assorted fountains and such. Timing-wise I staggered it out a little, but it was mostly due to having to prep each shot and unwinding fuses and such.

The grand finale was sort of a was a 500 gram 16 tube launcher(the largest single packaged firework that you can legally possess without permits and licenses) but the fuse was WELL hidden. I was starting to suspect I'd either gotten a dud or I would have to dismantle it to find the fuse and I was leary about firing something I had to partly take apart. Fortunately I finally managed to find the fuse before I removed anything but the superficial shell(the colored paper over the structural wall) and got it set up. This was the only firework that I even attempted to get photos of. [ profile] angelpsalm had possession of my camera while I was launching, and got some interesting photos....and even some of me. I guess I was working fairly hard because I was sweat soaked and looking very focused on what I was doing. At least this year I didn't have any dud's or dead gaslighters due to humidity like last year...just a soaked pyrotechnician :-)

By the end I was sweaty and reeked of gunpowder and sulfur and loved every second of it!


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