Sep. 2nd, 2007 01:09 am
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It was a wedding. The End.

Well... a few things happened there anyway. :-)

I showed up around 1 when the photos were set to start, they allotted 3 hours for photos and needed every moment of it due to actually leaving the church to go somewhere else for outdoor photos(I wasn't invited). I shot some misc fun stuff before they left, then went and got some lunch. I had good timing, as I returned to the church in time to call [ profile] angie_di and vent for a bit before I walked in only to have the wedding party return from outdoor photos less than 5 min later.

The ceremony was nice...but nothing new there.

The reception was fun. I was actually called out and mentioned by name in Travis's speech about how much it meant to him to have friend and family there that day, and that having friends come from so far really meant a lot. The cake was a trip...they'd done about 3 or 4 sheet cakes and had them at the end of the buffet line, and then done a frosting over Styrofoam cake for display. There'd been a miscommunication with the baker though...the top cake was supposed to be real cake for them to cut and serve to each other, but she'd made the whole cake that way. I have an amusing photo of the knife STUCK in the cake that had everyone laughing.

After that they moved downstairs to the dance floor(3 floor layout in the building..sorta odd). The usual dances, but following the couple's first dance, the DJ played "Love and Marriage" the themesong to Married With Children and made them dance to it. Everyone laughed at that. It was the usual series of songs and dances after that. The Bouquet toss and garter shoot were amusing, the bouquet was caught by the woman dating the man that caught the garter....lots of "ohhhhh's" to that.

I stepped outside for some fresh air and quiet at one point, and see a faintly undulating wave across the sky. I blink, take a photo of it to be sure that it is what I think it is...and discover that you can actually see the Aurora from Northern North Dakota. I was surprised, I hadn't realized it was visible that far south, but the bride's younger sister assured me they see it often there
(Photographed because my camera is MUCH more sensitive to green than I am)

I've spent the last 4 hours working on photos(only shot about 930 frames), because I'm rather fired up about the behavior of the official photographer to the point that I am bound and determined to have a DVD of photos ready to hand to T and J tomorrow just to spite her.
(Yes, I know its petty...)

And now, to bed. I was invited to come out to the Brides parents for Brunch and opening presents, and I need to be up in 6 hours to make it out there in time.


Jul. 30th, 2006 04:16 am
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So my friend A finally got married today. For those few that remember, she's the one that I had the light bulb moment about a few years ago when I realized that if you're spending 2-3 hours a night on the phone talking to each other, it might be time to ask her out. Nothing ever came from that for a multitude of reasons...but it was still odd watching her get married.

I sat with Janis at the Ceremony...she was quite relieved when she called me at 3:40 and I was still getting ready and not already there(they'd gotten a late start from the Valley). I also got to meet Keith, who I've heard about but never met(which is fitting because he's heard all about me and never met me either). He jokingly referred to himself as Date #1, and me as Date #2(and his son as Date #3, but we didn't tell him that :-).

I ended up kibitzing with the wedding photographer for a bit. He was shooting with a pair of D200's and when I asked him "So, what issues or glitches or gotchas have you seen with the camera?" he thought for a minute and said "Hmm...Nothing." Sounds like a glowing recommendation to me :-)

The big blowup we were all fearing didn't happen...and A was waving franticly as she saw her mom actually talking with the person we were all worried she'd blow up at....NONE of us could believe that they were not only being civil but talking and laughing and dancing, and let me take photos of them doing so.

All in all it wasn't a bad wedding.


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