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Dec. 8th, 2008 10:51 pm
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[ profile] bulldog_ak: Talking to you is like stepping on a rake.
[ profile] crisavec: LOL...and the worst part is that I repeated that to [ profile] angie_di and she agreed with you
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After the way this week started off, I needed a laugh.

Have a looksee....


Aug. 15th, 2005 12:59 am
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So I finally get around to installing the new hard drive I got for my laptop tonight. I was figuring I'd just pop the old laptop drive into a free computer and grab a ghost image of it since its a relatively recent build and I haven't been using my laptop enough to have messed it up much since i rebuilt it last. Put it into the first computer, and realize "shit..there's no floppy drive to use the network boot floppy in". Oops...
Then [ profile] kokuten informs me that that PC has a dead FDD controller anyway so its moot. Shit. Next up, the uncased dev box in the dev cabinet. annnnnndddd strike two. Seems that between the two of us we managed to blow the motherboard or something.

I'm sorta irritated at this point..I really did need more space on my laptop. [ profile] kokuten comments "You know...does Ghost have drivers for your laptop's NIC?" I stop and think and say "No, but I wonder if I can find some online for it." So I fire it up to see just what chipset its got in it...and I see a 3com 3C920(3C905-TX compatible). There's no way this could work....but I fire it up, and sure enough my generic 3C905 boot disk works perfectly. *shakes head* All that work and I could have just started with my laptop and ended there.

I have to admit to good timing though, when I fired up the ghost process it ran for a bit and I decided to go and do some stuff around the house and grab a shower. I get back to my computer and just as I'm looking to see the status of the dings that its done. How's that for timing?
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I'm swapping out a PC at 430 this morning, and I'm threading cables though the counter, and I hear this voice waft though the counter saying "Shall I feed now?" And thanks to [ profile] kokuten and his insessant Buffy the Vampire Slayer watching...I took this TOTALY in the wrong context until my brain caught up with what had been said and what it meant.

But damn that will throw you at 430am....hearing a voice with a lovely Aussie accent say that.


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