Jun. 1st, 2009 12:49 am
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So yeh...I haven't been posting much lately. Had a monster project last fall that flew me 15,000 miles around the state in 14 weeks and then I came off that to a complex beast of a certification test I had to complete ASAP on a piece of hardware I've never even seen, much less worked on. Got those done and just haven't felt chatty/posty since then.

Significant events in the last 6 months.
-- [ profile] kokuten Moved out in December. He'd been talking about it for awhile,and finally decided to do it. He was the longest roommate I'd ever had, right at 7 years. Its been a bit strange with him gone.
-- The now spare bedroom has become a TV/Media room. He left his projector behind(no room) so I got some speakers and we bought a couch and put the old DVD player in there as well as the Wii we got for Xmas and we have a nice largescreen TV viewing room with a nice sort of L shaped couch to lounge on.
-- Cleanout. [ profile] angie_di decided to host a Pampered Chef party after leaving her name in a drawing at the Wedding Show last winter, so we spent about 2 weeks cleaning out a ton of stuff. The dining room was spotless if you can believe it, table cleared and all the boxes gone and most of the computer gear gone(the cabinet is still there, but its going out in the shed later this summer). I finally decided that I just don't need the level of parts I'd been stockpiling, and pitched a ton of the really old stuff. We also got the TV room in shape for company finally, with nice curtains(and blackout shades behind them) and cleaned out the living room so it was tolerable. Its backslid some since then but its still not too bad.
-- Computers. About 3 weeks ago I was told "You WILL figure out a way to let me work on my photos, OR ELSE!" Being a relatively intelligent person, i did not inquire about what the "OR ELSE" might entail, and ordered her a new PC from Dell Refurb. I got it setup and all her photos migrated into it and she promptly showed me up in how fast she could sort/rate/post photos. And she's getting to be a better photographer than me too.
After getting her PC done, I had to image a PC for [ profile] frozenbunz, reimage her daughters PC after she got a ton of viruses, and install a new keyboard/reimage to remove viruses from [ profile] northrngirl's laptop. Lotta PC work there.

Can't think of much else. I hope to be posting a bit of my photowork soon...I really need to get caught up and show what I've been shooting the last year or two.


May. 7th, 2007 01:43 am
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And its finally over. I got home late Friday night and I am officially done with the project and traveling.

I have to admit it was interesting, if stressful. The irregular eating irregular sleeping and stress from juggling everything from incompetent techs to ones that don't even show up, or getting the clueless ones up to speed quickly, and juggling piles of accountability paperwork that got longer as the project went on, I managed to lose close to 15 lbs. There are probably better ways to do that though.

I got some doozies for tech's. One guy that was supposedly a PC tech that I turned into a laborer due to his lack of skills, and one night when i sent him upstairs to help with replacing a couple PCs(I knew exactly how many) he came down and was short one...but claimed that he had them all. Thankfully when my senior tech was done he spotted the remaining PC that the twit had missed(it was sitting next to the door) he brought it down. I had another that I had to constantly ask what he was working on and hassle him to get him moving on to the next PC and not waiting around. Then one night I had a total of one person show up, and he completed 3 PCs(that I'd started) while I did 12, plus swapped out the server. And the second I asked him if he could speed up a bit he got all sorts of I made him do fetch and carry the rest of the night. I had one evening where the technician scheduling group completely missed the site and the PM had to scramble to find me some help...thankfully she was able to, because having to do the site completely by myself would have sucked badly and kept me there till 6am

From a technical standpoint I didn't learn alot that I wasn't already familiar with, but it did give me some additional insight into processes that I knew existed but not how they worked.

At one point early on in the project I was going though a bag of cough drops a week to stave off sore throats from talking constantly, whether it be talking with the techs to be sure they knew what they were supposed to be doing, talking with the branch to be sure they understood what was going on and what they'd need in the morning, or talking with the Project support center to be sure they understood what problems we had at a site or to update them on something that was broken. I racked up 3358 minutes of cell phone time in March, and this is for someone that hates being on the phone.

Hotel rooms seemed to be rather hit or miss as well...I'd get good rooms in some places, and in others I'd get a room I was afraid to sleep in. Denver wasn't bad, I spent the whole time there(barring one night out in Golden) staying at the same Residential Inn. So I atleast had that going for me. But the hotel in Phoenix was terrible enough that I'm loath to ever even revisit any other hotel in the chain. Bed wise I had the worst and the best less than a week apart. I had a seriously uncomfortable bed at a La Quinta last Tuesday, but the week before when I was in LA I was at some off brand non-chain motel that looked sketchy from the outside but had tempurpedic mattresses and was awesomely comfortable(needed more power plugins though, good thing I traveled with a powerstrip in my tech gearbag). And it was probably the cheapest way to test out and see if I'd want a bed like that ever(I do..if I ever replace the waterbed I'm getting one).

All in all it was a good project, I learned that I can function and function well as a Team Lead(this seems to have come as no surprise to my father), and that I can survive 10 weeks of stress(even longer than Basic) without TOO much physical breakdown.


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