Aug. 25th, 2012 02:10 pm
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And Renfaire 2012 is posted.
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8300 photos culled out to 2180 marginally postable images. I've never been as disappointed with my work as I am with this years Ren Faire photos. I'm so exhausted its not funny.

But, here you go!

2010 3 Barons Ren Faire!


Jan. 26th, 2010 10:48 pm
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Over the years I've changed and updated my organization structure for photos a few times. The biggest event I shoot each year is the 3 Barons Ren Faire, and the internal org structure for those has also evolved. Over the past couple weeks I've been going back into those old photos and updating the org structure to match the current structure I'm using. Tonight I finally finished getting the 2002-2007 photos updated. Whew!

I was debating doing a complete import of my entire photo library into Lightroom(I've never imported my back catalog in, just what I've shot since I started using it) and then exporting to Smugmug, but I'd have to go though and rate and keyword everything, and I'm thinking thats too big a project to tackle for something that a few dozen people might look at for nostalgia. So I'm just taking the resized for webposting directories and updating them(will be much faster to port across than it was to setup everything I've just done) to current standards and then posting those. That gets the web resolution photos up for people to look at and I won't go insane doing the work. I'll still do the bulk import of all the full res photos, but I can take my time rating them based on what I've posted.

I feel somewhat accomplished now.
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I have officially completed a lifes dream and seen a shuttle launch in person.

I've posted a quick batch of launch photos from STS-129 yesterday.

A few select photos... )
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Work took me to Kodiak just after Dutch Harbor, and these are a few photos from there. I didn't do much, just ran north to Monashka Bay and wandered the beach a bit, then went to Ft Abercrombie.

Full Set

Cut for photos... )
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Work took me to Dutch harbor about a month ago, and I finally got around to getting the photos uploaded.

Full set of Photos Here

Cut for size... )


Jul. 14th, 2009 06:59 pm
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And posting is complete

2009 3 Barons Renaissance Faire is now posted

My photos are at...

Jess's are at...


Jul. 13th, 2009 11:29 pm
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Completed initial upload at 1700, 24hours 30 minutes. Secondary upload to finish the 217 errored files, 3 hours 20 minutes. Total time about 28 hours to upload.

Now I doublecheck everything, then announce to the Wormhole.
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I got all the photos for Ren Faire rated and renamed now. I was expecting to spend the next 2 evenings resizing and exporting, but then i remembered a plugin for Lightroom called LR2TreeExporter that I'd read about, and checked it out. Its donationware, so I donated $8.11(5 british Pounds) and tested it.

It worked perfectly...exported the whole of RenFaire in less than 30 minutes. Now I just have to spend some time in StarExplorer creating galleries and sub galleries and albums and then upload the nearly 5GB of photos I decided to post. I culled out 200 completely out of focus/crap photos(and should have nuked another 800) and culled out another 5600 photos for a total of 2100ish photos for the year.

Heres to hoping they're all uploaded by monday evening.
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I have unofficially passed the 100K photos mark in my archives. Its unofficial because while I currently have 100,656 photos sitting in my Photos directory, 31007 of them are unprocessed and dating all the way back to April of 2007.

I have my work cut out for me, because my goal is to have them all processed by Labor Day or there abouts.

In other news, I made good progress on 2009 ren faire photos today.


Jan. 28th, 2009 09:09 pm
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Ever wanted to see what a DSLR looks like from the inside?

This is just seriously cool. I did have a moment of puzzlement over what appeared to be a big chunk of void space on the righthand side...then i realized its sliced top to bottom and the void is the prism at the top of the camera for the viewfinder.


Oct. 20th, 2008 01:28 am
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For those that know...

In Petersburg )

ego boost

Oct. 8th, 2008 03:56 am
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I may claim that I photograph only for myself...but I have to admit that getting emails like this one are rather nice little ego boosts. :-)

Its nice to see someone being made this happy with my work, even as much as I try to avoid wedding photography.

Email )


Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:07 am
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My photos now exceed the size of the external drive I back up to
They also exceed the size of the hard drive in the local file server I used to back up to

This is a problem

I think the remedy will be a ReadyNAS NV+ or maybe a ReadyNAS Pro come December.
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I had time to do a cursory glance though the Denali Photos tonight, and I have a few really outstanding ones in there. But then, I also have a series of photos of green rabbits and squirrels. Turns out the windshield on [ profile] kokuten's truck adds a green tint to photos that I had not seen(I never shoot though a window or windscreen unless I have no choice, and for a few of them I had no other option.

Gah..I want to process and post these, and I have no time :-( Have to get that wedding done, and I'm working 8am-11PM this week.
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We made it out of town about 1030 or so, which put us into Healy at 230am. We managed to drive past the hotel completely because its totaly unlit from the road. The office was long closed but I'd called to talk to them about it and everything was good. Set an alarm for 9(there's no way I'm getting up at 6 when I get to bed at 3..just isn't happening) and crashed out.

We got a much later start than I'd have liked, by the time we got our passes(343 for sat and 44 for sun) it was nearly 11am. Really really late. But it worked out for us. We didn't see many moose before Savage Rock, but we spotted the mountain just over the first rise past it. Mckinley kept playing peekaboo with is as we drove in, being at least partly visible. Later on I learned she'd been out in force most of the morning and we'd missed it. We saw a bear ambling under the bridge at East Fork before Polychrome pass and got some great shots as he wandered along. We didn't see much after that until later on, but the scenery was gorgeous once we passed Tolkat and got up into Stony Hills and beyond.

The new Eielson visitor center is rather nice, only opened this past June. It sits near the Mulrow Glacier and has an outstanding view of McKinley(if you made it out early enough to see it). The mountain did peek out a bit, but not too much so we moved on. Just after Eielson we ran into [ profile] words_spoken and husband and talked for a few min. She said that the mountain had been out in full force that morning, but was hiding now. She also let me know that Kantishna was socked in with fog. We headed off in that direction and came across a big bull moose about halfway between Eielson as he wandered across the road.

Kantishna was totally fogged over, so we ended up only going to the river crossing before heading back. We drove down into Wonder Lake just to see the lake and have dinner. The road back was pretty lightly traveled, it was 640 before we left wonderlake and the only oncoming traffic we saw were rangers heading in to start the outward sweep at 9(you have to leave wonderlake no later than 9pm, and be past Savage Rock by midnight since your pass is only good for the one day).

One thing that threw both of us and made us want to track down a ranger to ask was the absurd number of rabbits on the road. We counted over 60 of them as we drove from Eielson to just past PolyChrome Pass. We found out later that there is Calcium Chloride on the roads and they LOVE the stuff.

Sunday we got a slightly earlier start. Or tried to anyway...I had to get gas and [ profile] angie_di wanted to get a more substantial breakfast than cereal so she ran into the cafe. They told her 15 min, and then took over 40. I was about to come in to the cafe just to see what was up when she opened the door to walk out. She made it up to me by sharing though :-)

Sunday itself was a quieter day. We saw a few distant caribou and bear, but nothing close by and the scenery was less brilliant due to more cloud cover. We ran into [ profile] northrngirl and her friend just after Highway pass beyond Tolkat River, and she mentioned she'd see 7 moose around Savage Rock before the river and that the mountain had been out earlier in the day but was completely hidden now. She also let us know that wonderlake was totally fogged in as well as Kantishna. Based on that we confirmed our decision to turn around at Eielson.

We headed onward from Highway pass and 2 ridges over found a fox bounding across a field, then saw his counterpart on the other side of the same field on our way back. We had planned to walk the trails at Eielson, but 2 bears decided they wanted to cross the road and head for their favorite berry patch(according to the ranger watching them) and most of the trails were closed. So we watched the bears for a bit, as well as some sheep cross the road off in the distance, before heading back.

There was not alot to see on the way back, Just the fox's counterpart, a few distant bears, and a group of sheep walking across a slope(that were actually close enough to photograph relatively well).

We ended up making it out of the park at about 5pm...dead center between when she was hoping we'd be out, and when I was hoping we'd be out. Since we had a bit of time we stopped at Panorama Pizza at the end of the cabins/houses/lodges section of the highway and had dinner.

Heading home was fairly uneventful, we only stopped in Broad Pass south of Cantwell which still had some color to it even though it was well past peak, and the south Denali viewpoint that had its view totally clouded over(no surprise). We made it home abut 1030 or so...and i was exhausted. It was a good but long weekend and far too little sleep.

And for the person that emailed me, yes we made it home alive :-) And no, I haven't had time to do any more than dump photos to disk...didn't even get to look at them yet. But I'm working on it :-)
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I think we're ready. Truck is loaded, I have the cameras fully charged and all the storage cards in the bags, I have the lens I rented, I have the suitcase and the cooler of food...I think I'm good.

Now to get some ice for the cooler, and go collect [ profile] angie_di from rehearsal and off we go. Hopefully we'll make good time and get there about 2am or so. Will end up being a lateish start tomorrow, but we can try for earlier on Sunday.

Off to Denali and the road lottery!


Sep. 12th, 2008 01:10 pm
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I got the lens I rented. Its impressively large and drastically changes the handling of the camera(its REALLY front heavy). I think this one is going to be a "On the tripod" only one, atleast till I get used to it. 3lbs doesn't sound like alot, until you pair it with a 3+lbs camera and vertical grip and then hold it up to your eye for several minutes..then it starts to get VERY heavy very fast.
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This is an incredibly cool slow motion capture of the shutter on a modern DSLR in operation. Let it load and then scroll your mouse along the red bar on the bottom to see.

The Shot

Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:56 am
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What photographers will go though to get "The Shot",1_4484


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