Sep. 24th, 2008 01:49 pm
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I'm getting entirely too old to work 24.5 hour days, sleeping for 4 hours, and getting back up and working another 13 hours.


Aug. 26th, 2008 10:21 am
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It seems that someone noticed that the base of the mailbox was somewhat rusty, so they decided it warranted emergency replacement. The installers left the new keys in the outgoing mailslot on the new box...rather than rekeying the boxes or anything intelligent like that. They didn't even run the keys over the the station my mail is delivered out my carrier(or someone from the lake otis station) has to pick up the keys and drive them back to the station so I can get them there.

I guess I'll be making a divert to the PO to try and fetch my keys on my way to the polling station tonight.

It just erks me how poorly this was planned..they could easily have left a note and a new key in each box and said "We'll be replacing your mailcluster in 1 week, please hang onto these keys until then." But instead, no one can get mail for a day or more depending on how long it takes to get to the PO to get your new key. *grumbles*


Aug. 25th, 2008 10:54 pm
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I got home today and as usual I headed for the mailbox cluster to get my mail. As I approached it I could see that the packages box had one locked box...I figured it was the new lens so I was happy to see it. About then I realized "hey, where's the mailbox cluster?!?!". It had moved...backwards about 2 feet and been replaced with a whole different, brand new, mailbox. Problem...I don't remember what the number was on my box since they'd worn off the face of the box years ago and I just knew where in the cluster my box was.

crap. So, I tried my key in every box...and it failed to unlock any of them. ARGH!!! Guess I have to call the PO tomorrow and ask where the heck my new key is. It was nice of them to notify us they were replacing the box...since they didn't.
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I really can't decide if the guy that posted this is trying to be a deliberate troll, or if he's really that insanely stupid.

Grizzly's are not big soft "Teddy Bears" To me they are basically large, dangerous rodents that can eat you alive. They have no useful purpose,except as target practice. Mankind already is responsible for over 100 various animal extinctions. Brown bears are long overdue. They all need to be hunted down and wiped out. Maybe have a few in the zoo's.

Though it does remind me of a group that [ profile] angie_di told me about in a book she was reading...called themselves the Extinctionists, anything that couldn't justify its existence they tried very hard to wipe out. They were about as bright as this guy(its a fiction book)


May. 25th, 2008 05:17 pm
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Last fall I went shopping for a dresser, as I hadn't had one the whole time I lived here. RK Unfinished was closing, so we looked there for deals, and found a niceish dresser and went to purchase it but discovered the only ones they had left were part of a shipment still in the pipeline that hadn't arrived and would be 4-8 weeks out. I went ahead and paid for it, and we went on our merry way.

Fast forward 10 weeks, and I'm calling to ask whats going on with it. Turns out the shipment was delayed and would be another 4 weeks, and they could no longer do the stain and finish for me as the store was closed for good the following monday, but if I still wanted the dresser they could get it to me. I thought about it and said that yes I wanted it, so she credited back the stain/finish and told me she'd call me when it was in.

I finaly got the dresser sometime in early feb, and was looking for some place to do the finish but wasn't able to find a place. After not having any luck on this [ profile] angie_di and I finally decided to do it this weekend on the porch. We picked a nice oak colored stain and some sealer and came home and unwrapped everything and discovered something....

2 of the 4 drawers broke the rails off as soon as we took them out! The wood the rails was screwed into was so flimsy that it felt like Balsa and it just snapped almost immediately. So now I'm stuck with a dresser thats missing two drawers, from a store that went out of business months ago!


I'm gonna try to repair them, but with as flimsy as the wood is I'm not holding my breath.
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I had a 5:10pm flight out of Ketchikan on Tuesday. I got to the airport at about 3, and by the time I rode the ferry across and turned in the rental car it and got to the security gate it was about 3:30. I'd intended to grab a bite to eat and dig out my laptop and do some paperwork with the hour I had before boarding.

Well..that was the idea anyway. When I got to security the gate was closed and locked. I could see a gaggle of TSA people sitting on benchs out in the terminal just hanging out. I figure they need a break too...but surely they'll open the gates an hour before boarding starts right?

Nope...the line of people grows from 3 to about 40, and the local cop wandered though and into the screening area(Ketchikan doesn't have an Airport PD, its just done by the city police when they have flights in.) and we could hear him comment to the TSA twits that they had quite the line forming outside. The reply I heard? "Let'm wait, need to keep them in suspense."

*growls* They FINALLY opened security at about 30 minutes before boarding, and had just about cleared the backlog of people when they started boarding the flight. This really torq's me off...its one thing to have limited coverage, but they had people standing around BSing that should have been working.


Feb. 18th, 2008 07:41 am
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Nothing screams Monday like reaching into the drier to grab your work cloths and discovering that its empty...because they're all still in the washing machine. And to add insult to injury, the washer had all of your work cloths that are currently findable in the disaster area of a half rearranged bedroom. Guess I'll be a few minutes late to work today(thank heavens for high efficiency driers that will dry a load of laundry in 40 min or less)


Sep. 2nd, 2007 01:09 am
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It was a wedding. The End.

Well... a few things happened there anyway. :-)

I showed up around 1 when the photos were set to start, they allotted 3 hours for photos and needed every moment of it due to actually leaving the church to go somewhere else for outdoor photos(I wasn't invited). I shot some misc fun stuff before they left, then went and got some lunch. I had good timing, as I returned to the church in time to call [ profile] angie_di and vent for a bit before I walked in only to have the wedding party return from outdoor photos less than 5 min later.

The ceremony was nice...but nothing new there.

The reception was fun. I was actually called out and mentioned by name in Travis's speech about how much it meant to him to have friend and family there that day, and that having friends come from so far really meant a lot. The cake was a trip...they'd done about 3 or 4 sheet cakes and had them at the end of the buffet line, and then done a frosting over Styrofoam cake for display. There'd been a miscommunication with the baker though...the top cake was supposed to be real cake for them to cut and serve to each other, but she'd made the whole cake that way. I have an amusing photo of the knife STUCK in the cake that had everyone laughing.

After that they moved downstairs to the dance floor(3 floor layout in the building..sorta odd). The usual dances, but following the couple's first dance, the DJ played "Love and Marriage" the themesong to Married With Children and made them dance to it. Everyone laughed at that. It was the usual series of songs and dances after that. The Bouquet toss and garter shoot were amusing, the bouquet was caught by the woman dating the man that caught the garter....lots of "ohhhhh's" to that.

I stepped outside for some fresh air and quiet at one point, and see a faintly undulating wave across the sky. I blink, take a photo of it to be sure that it is what I think it is...and discover that you can actually see the Aurora from Northern North Dakota. I was surprised, I hadn't realized it was visible that far south, but the bride's younger sister assured me they see it often there
(Photographed because my camera is MUCH more sensitive to green than I am)

I've spent the last 4 hours working on photos(only shot about 930 frames), because I'm rather fired up about the behavior of the official photographer to the point that I am bound and determined to have a DVD of photos ready to hand to T and J tomorrow just to spite her.
(Yes, I know its petty...)

And now, to bed. I was invited to come out to the Brides parents for Brunch and opening presents, and I need to be up in 6 hours to make it out there in time.
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I wrapped up work at about 230 this morning(after a recalcitrant site that was completely unprepared for us and couldn't let us start till 6 instead of at 4pm) and headed back to my room. I stopped at a Dennys nearby for some breakfast(even though I'm getting heartily sick of Dennys and its Ilk, its all thats open at 3am generaly) and its rather busy. I wait for a table for about 10 min when a table of security guards on lunch tell me "Good luck, we have been here 30 min and haven't seen any waitstaff since we were seated." I ponder this for a moment and decide that I'm not hungry enough to spent 2 hours at Dennys and head to my room.

I'm still sorta hungry, since the last time I ate was breakfast at about 9am. I see a menu for a local place that delivers in my room and check out its times...they'd closed 5 min before I got back to my room. If I'd skipped Dennys altogether I could have managed to get something delivered. That sorta irritates me, but I'm sleepdep'd hungry and cranky so I'm probably overreacting...but still.

And for all the travel I've done over the last 10 weeks, and all the hotels I've stayed in that offer Continental breakfasts(which'd be all of them barring the residence inn in Denver) I've managed to actually make it to the Continental Breakfast a total of ONCE. Gotta love working nights and not struggling out of bed till 10am or later.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 01:44 am
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I really hate cars that are too smart for their own good. Like the rental car I got tonight...that detected the 40lbs of cameras/laptop in the passenger seat and decided someone was sitting there and wasn't wearing a seatbelt so it was going to scream at me till I either buckled the belt or tossed my bag in the back seat. Irritating

Also, the CRJ-200's appear to be baggage limited, as evidenced by the rather smushed state of all of my bags(even my camera bag that I had to gate check was a bit tweaked, but no damage to contents). The duffle with my toiletries was smushed to the point that my contact lens solution bottle uncapped and leaked all over most of my nonwork cloths. Atleast it was nonwork I am good for work tomorrow and not smelling like saline.


Nov. 14th, 2006 05:52 pm
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You know...I'd love to get my hands on the manager at Microsoft that decided that IE7 was ready to ship(much less as a critical update).

Reasons why.
Slowed boot time(it sits there and churns after log in for upwards of a minute before proceeding with the log in)
high CPU usage for pretty much anything, even a simple page refresh that IE6, Firefox, or Mozilla don't even notice. I have seen this on 2 different machines, one of which was, while not a beefy machine, a fresh install with NOTHING else installed but the OS and patchs.
Its lack of compatibility with Outlook Web Access(you'd think they'd at LEAST have made sure it works with their OWN product). Its popup blocker kills the little "You have a new message" slider that comes up along one side of the browser window, and if you have the OWA S/MIME control installed it crashes the browser whenever you click the "send" button on an email.
Its lovely phishing filter that slows down access to every page, and also spikes CPU Usage.
It deciding to "forget" that it was logged into anything...abruptly kicking me out of 2 different OWA sessions as well as the login to my work time tracking site.

This is the list SO FAR.


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