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For those that would like to see them, my 2013 3 Barons RenFaire are now up at


Aug. 25th, 2012 02:10 pm
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And Renfaire 2012 is posted.
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And the 2011 3 Barons RenFaire has now been posted.


Aug. 2nd, 2008 01:37 pm
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7900 photos, over 100 deleted due to out of focus/someone walked in the frame, horrible composition etc etc etc. Pared down to 2688 photos for posting.

Time spent rating/renaming/uploading....over a month.

End result?
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We survived. was actually a fairly good day. It was high overcast and only sprinkled lightly at about 430 or so, not enough rain to drive patrons away. I was amazed when we arrived on faire-site this morning, and the site was FULL...there were no big empty patches in the middle or hollow spots that felt off. One of the biggest of the old blankspots now has a maze built on it made of 4x4's and sheeting. Right next to that is the new massively expanded infobooth. These two things, combined with a flagged off area near the front of the Green court(its too soggy to safely walk on) and the HRG and SOMMA encampments(I still am leary about having that horse on the grounds) have filled up all the empty areas and it looks great.

I was also happy to see Yevgeni back in the Red Court...He'd said that they had a conflict so he and his daughters would not be there but with faire starting almost a week late this year they were able to be onsite. It was funny that he saw me walking in and made a beeline for me and attempted to run off with the camera only to be stopped short by the strap...and I think there is even photos of it :-) He got be back though, as i was leaving court later I felt a tug and something being wedged under my camera was one of his smokebombs.

All in all it was a good faire day. I'm wishing I'd gotten my boots sooner than Thursday, breaking them in onsite is rather painful.

And now..bed.
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It figures. The lens on [ profile] angie_di's camera appears to have up and died, a week before Faire starts.

It seems to want to think that its at F/48 all the time no matter what you do to it...and oddly enough overexposes about 40% of all shots taken with it. I think it has one very confused CPU in the lens.



Jul. 17th, 2006 02:11 am
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Went out to BearPaw on Saturday to hang out and shoot some photos. I had wanted to make it out for the parade too but I was so exhausted that I didn't make it out of bed till noon, and didn't make it out to BearPaw till 2. Turns out that the parade wasn't much, and not alot of Faire people were in it. I hung out for a bit and watched the tail end of the Weapons Demo and then learned that no one showed for the Red Show and most of the shows were half what they were slated to be.

So I wandered a bit and had a snack, and then hung out talking with an old AF buddy of mine for awhile. He lives walking distance away from the area that they hold BearPaw in so he and his family wandered over. Was fun, but once he gets talking he never stops.

I got some good shots of the second weapons demo...of slicing a watermelon in 2 in midair, and what happens to a watermelon when you take a flail to it. Also some fun ones of a couple of the Iron Wolves playing around after. I hung out and BS'd with them for awhile before I headed back to town.

Glad I went, but disappointed that more wasn't going on.
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For the last month the 3 Barons Ren Faire has consumed all my time...and now, its done. I started the last upload of photos at about 3:15 this afternoon, and it finally finished at about 7:45 tonight. I did need to tweak it some and hide 1 or 2 directorys, but its done and over now.


For those interested, I shot just shy of 5900 photos of Techweek, the first weekend of Faire, the Mid Faire fundraiser, the second weekend of faire, the cast party, and the Cast Photos. After cleaning things up and organizing and culling out the crap I ended up posting about 3400 photos in total. I once said that for every hour of shooting there was at LEAST another hour of back end work, and that seems to be holding true. I could probably have culled some more, but some photos, even when not really up to par, tell part of a story so I left them.

For those that expressed an interest in seeing them but are not on the announce list....just click on the link below. I'd love to hear comments...other than "Wow, some of those thumbnails are funky...did you really shoot like that?" I know the thumbnailer is a bit strange, and no I'm not shooting womens chests :-)
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And Faire has been struck...

Wow what a day. I hit the ground running again with Red Court cast and then the AllCourt meeting. I moved on to the TomatoWives cast photos but the Blue court bailed on the 1150am shoot..something about their baron not being there(he didn't arrive till 1230). I had some time so I went and changed, and left a sign that [ profile] sionainn helped me find with her to give to Carol as my donation to the Toad. After, I wandered and shot Vendor photos until 1pm, but when I stopped in to to confirm with Blue...they resched'd again due to several missing cast members.

I caught some more improv before heading to the Crooked Toad Tavern at 2(or rather, 2:03...right [ profile] sionainn?? ;-) The pirates are fun to shoot..they self organize well and have fun with the shoot. I was bummed but not surprised that they'd blown all the keg's of cider...that stuff was good!

Once that was done I dashed for the Keep(the race tower on the grounds) to get ready to shoot the grounds and the first BattleChess match from it. Turns out I didn't need to hurry, as the battlechess/fightshow has started late(anywhere from 15-25 minutes) for all of faire. Probably due to it being half the length of the old Tournament of Champions(which is good, because people tended to get bored after awhile). I was sorta irritated...they didn't have an umbrella over the Barons for all 3 days of faire, but the one time I shoot from the keep and they find and put one up. So I couldn't see the entire back half of the board...if I'd scouted it better I'd have seen if they could remove it for that one show(and whacked the blue court standard bearer...this is two years in a row he's stood in the wrong spot).

Beyond that, lots of running about...the last day of faire everyone is just having fun and there is a LOT more improv going on, like the Red Baron up and deciding that one of his guards was being too rude and insolent to him and dragging him to the Green Barony to hand him over for placement in their stocks...Lots of things like that.

I finally got the blue court Cast Photos done at about 5. They have their own photographer(he's part of the court and does alot of photography since he's there) so I only had to take a couple shots and I was done(and then a couple shots with their photographers camera). I did borrow their photographer after the second Living Chess match to have him shoot me in Garb(So yes, there will be photos in a week or so) and then ended up talking with him about image display packages and how to use them and how they work and whatnot...seemed to be a fair trade to me :-)

Every year it never fails to amaze me how FAST faire comes back down. A week and more is spent setting things up, and its all gone down in hours.

I shot less today...1325, and that includes all of Strike(or what I was able to stay for...I ran out of steam at about 1145). I was looking at my folder for Faire 2006 and its 14.6GB and 5558

And now(since I have finished sorting photos into subdir's) I am off to bed with Stymie's version of Health to the Company dueling in my head with [ profile] mccleark's rendition of Barrett's Privateers.


Jun. 11th, 2006 01:57 am
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Today..was fun. I thought I'd have a lot of free time, as I'd shot all but two of the shows last weekend. much for that idea. I was running from the get go but I managed to do 3 cast photo sets and a bunch of quasi-improv stuff. The BFFTS does some hilarious bits that get them constantly tossed in the stocks, from sitting on the Red Baroness's lap, to taking over the blue baronys towers to auction off the circus of the damned, to hassling the green court for telling bad jokes. Very funny stuff.

I also saw the Ninja. It seems that the faire is so successful that we've acquired a ninja or 3 that skulk the grounds and freeze when anyone might notice them...and hide behind a few blades of grass. Hilarious :-)

I was well in danger of running out of Card Space today. I filled both 1GB cards, and was within 80 shots of filling the 2GB card. I had my Hyerdrive with me, but ended up not needing it. Came close though...
Hmm, and it looks like I have about a 1500 shot was 1443 photos.

[ profile] gows was at faire today, and borrowed a massage chair from someone. If I ever had any doubts that she picked the wrong career(I didn't, was just sayin') she disproved them tonight. I was so sore and stiff that I was seriously worried about being able to move at all once I slowed down and sat for a bit, but after she got done with me I was in alot better shape. I'm still alittle sore, but I have just about full range of motion and my spine isn't constantly popping when I bend down now.

The line of the day was "The Green Mocha Approaches". *snickers*

And now, sort to dir's and get some sleep...mornings coming way too soon.

Day Making

Jun. 11th, 2006 01:32 am
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I went to the Mid Faire Fund raiser last night, and I think I pretty well made 5 peoples days. I finally passed out DVD's with faire pics on them to a select few people...[ profile] gows and [ profile] poisondartfrog each got one, because they more than deserve them. Charlotte got one for the movie project she's doing. And Jake got one, because he's been asking for one for ages and he's one of the few people I've known longer than I have known the IAI crowd. Steve and Jenna got one, because I've known Jenna as long as I've known Jake, and because I also gave them a DVD with their wedding pics on it.....and their second anniversary is coming up. Oops...

The feast was fun, I invited Corrie along and had a great time talking with her as we wandered the crowd and later the fairesite. I got some WONDERFUL photos of one of the little girls running around, and I need to get them to her mom...she'll love them. I also got to see an old coworker of mine, that now lives out of state but flew back up to surprise her old courtmates.
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2100 photos from Faire....pared down to 1210 for posting. I'd really hoped to cull last night and then just post tonight and review them...but I ended up working till about 8pm so I did almost no culling. It ended up taking me nearly all of tonight to cull them. I have to admit, I LOVE the EXIF date sort. It used to take me hours to sort out photos by shoot time(its a quirk of mine, when I post an event I post photos in chrono order) but some wonderful programmer added a simple sort by EXIF creation date function to Gallery Remote and tonight I queued 1210 photos for posting in about 10 minutes. are uploading but its slow going with as many photos as there are. I'm going to bed and will let it run, and hope that it doesn't error out while I sleep.

Tiny things

Jun. 6th, 2006 11:06 pm
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*laughs* I photographed a FLY in one shot at the faire this

It was in just the right spot in front of my lens and ended up in the image


Jun. 6th, 2006 01:11 am
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Wow...I managed, even with not getting started till almost 4pm, to finish renaming and rotating all 2100+ photos from Faire this weekend. Now I just have to resize, cull, and post. Something tells me that the culling will be a bottleneck, atleast somewhat :-)

The rest did me good though...I'm not worn out and aching all over from the constant go go go like I was last night.

I checked spec's on the new batteries, and discovered they're 2400MaH, rather than 1800-2000MaH. So that explains some(but not all) of the performance boost I saw this weekend.
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It was about perfect weather wise today. They were predicting near record high temps, but it was just breezy enough that if they occurred no one noticed them. I managed to get in a huge chunk of all the shows, and several very good improv scenes. At the end of the day I guesstimated that I had shot a bit less than yesterday, but it appears my WAG was off as I ended up with 1079 photos. Hopefully a few of them will be not utter crap and postworthy.

Didn't stay as late tonight as last night...most everyone has to work tomorrow, and after this weekend we're all exhausted. The Toad was fairly laidback..was more a exhausted/silly atmosphere than a party atmosphere. My knees almost packed it in while I was there...good sign to sit my butt down, because I forget to do that all too often.

And now, since I'm at the twitchy/shivery can't control reactions to things portion of exhaustion, I'm going to goto bed and sleep till I'm slept out(Thank heavens I took the Faire Following Mondays off)


Jun. 4th, 2006 01:43 am
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Random stream of thought about faire

It never fails to amaze me how fairesite can be so far from ready on a Friday night, but have it all pulled together by Saturday morning.

New garb worked out alot better than I'd expected it would from initial trying on last night (THANK YOU [ profile] sionainn, both for helping me pick it out, and helping me get it on correctly)

Sunblock is my friend

New camera batteries are amazing... I usually change batteries when I changed cards, about 400 shots. Today, with a brand new freshly conditioned never before used battery...I didn't have to change cards till I was at 700 photos.

Its WEIRD shooting with a 2GB card after shooting with 1GB cards for so long. I'm so used to being ready to change cards around the 400 photograph mark, and it was weird when I put the 2GB card in and it was up over 600 photographs before I went home.

1044 photographs is a LOT.

Afterhours is a great thing, and very much relaxing after 9-10 hours of shooting faire.


May. 18th, 2006 10:00 pm
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*looks at the pile of emails confirming renfaire garb orders from tonight*

[ profile] sionainn is a very bad influence...but she has great taste.

EDIT: [ profile] sionainn is an EVIL WENCH! :-)
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Yes, its actually about to be 3 Barons Renaissance Faire time again. Just got back(well, a few hours ago) from the first Production committee meeting. Lots of things going on, and its gonna be an innnnteresting Faire this year. Hopefully they'll remove the NDA on whats going on shortly.

I was a tad surprised to get the initial invite, as I hadn't talked with anyone on the Board yet about shooting this year. But when I queried about it I was told

You are indeed one of us and quite the permanent fixture. I "shutter" to think of Fair without you in the background capturing precious moments. We all appreciate your time and talent and desire you to be an integral part of our production team for as long as you are available.

So...looks like its about Faire time! :-)


Apr. 1st, 2005 07:18 pm
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So the shirt and tunic that [ profile] shywickedpixie shopped for me for faire arrived....


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