May. 7th, 2007 01:43 am
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And its finally over. I got home late Friday night and I am officially done with the project and traveling.

I have to admit it was interesting, if stressful. The irregular eating irregular sleeping and stress from juggling everything from incompetent techs to ones that don't even show up, or getting the clueless ones up to speed quickly, and juggling piles of accountability paperwork that got longer as the project went on, I managed to lose close to 15 lbs. There are probably better ways to do that though.

I got some doozies for tech's. One guy that was supposedly a PC tech that I turned into a laborer due to his lack of skills, and one night when i sent him upstairs to help with replacing a couple PCs(I knew exactly how many) he came down and was short one...but claimed that he had them all. Thankfully when my senior tech was done he spotted the remaining PC that the twit had missed(it was sitting next to the door) he brought it down. I had another that I had to constantly ask what he was working on and hassle him to get him moving on to the next PC and not waiting around. Then one night I had a total of one person show up, and he completed 3 PCs(that I'd started) while I did 12, plus swapped out the server. And the second I asked him if he could speed up a bit he got all sorts of offended...so I made him do fetch and carry the rest of the night. I had one evening where the technician scheduling group completely missed the site and the PM had to scramble to find me some help...thankfully she was able to, because having to do the site completely by myself would have sucked badly and kept me there till 6am

From a technical standpoint I didn't learn alot that I wasn't already familiar with, but it did give me some additional insight into processes that I knew existed but not how they worked.

At one point early on in the project I was going though a bag of cough drops a week to stave off sore throats from talking constantly, whether it be talking with the techs to be sure they knew what they were supposed to be doing, talking with the branch to be sure they understood what was going on and what they'd need in the morning, or talking with the Project support center to be sure they understood what problems we had at a site or to update them on something that was broken. I racked up 3358 minutes of cell phone time in March, and this is for someone that hates being on the phone.

Hotel rooms seemed to be rather hit or miss as well...I'd get good rooms in some places, and in others I'd get a room I was afraid to sleep in. Denver wasn't bad, I spent the whole time there(barring one night out in Golden) staying at the same Residential Inn. So I atleast had that going for me. But the hotel in Phoenix was terrible enough that I'm loath to ever even revisit any other hotel in the chain. Bed wise I had the worst and the best less than a week apart. I had a seriously uncomfortable bed at a La Quinta last Tuesday, but the week before when I was in LA I was at some off brand non-chain motel that looked sketchy from the outside but had tempurpedic mattresses and was awesomely comfortable(needed more power plugins though, good thing I traveled with a powerstrip in my tech gearbag). And it was probably the cheapest way to test out and see if I'd want a bed like that ever(I do..if I ever replace the waterbed I'm getting one).

All in all it was a good project, I learned that I can function and function well as a Team Lead(this seems to have come as no surprise to my father), and that I can survive 10 weeks of stress(even longer than Basic) without TOO much physical breakdown.
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I wrapped up work at about 230 this morning(after a recalcitrant site that was completely unprepared for us and couldn't let us start till 6 instead of at 4pm) and headed back to my room. I stopped at a Dennys nearby for some breakfast(even though I'm getting heartily sick of Dennys and its Ilk, its all thats open at 3am generaly) and its rather busy. I wait for a table for about 10 min when a table of security guards on lunch tell me "Good luck, we have been here 30 min and haven't seen any waitstaff since we were seated." I ponder this for a moment and decide that I'm not hungry enough to spent 2 hours at Dennys and head to my room.

I'm still sorta hungry, since the last time I ate was breakfast at about 9am. I see a menu for a local place that delivers in my room and check out its times...they'd closed 5 min before I got back to my room. If I'd skipped Dennys altogether I could have managed to get something delivered. That sorta irritates me, but I'm sleepdep'd hungry and cranky so I'm probably overreacting...but still.

And for all the travel I've done over the last 10 weeks, and all the hotels I've stayed in that offer Continental breakfasts(which'd be all of them barring the residence inn in Denver) I've managed to actually make it to the Continental Breakfast a total of ONCE. Gotta love working nights and not struggling out of bed till 10am or later.


Apr. 28th, 2007 01:38 am
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Today has been interesting. First the issue at the PT job, and then I had to drive down to Santa Ana from Ontario(45 min down, 1 hour and 45 min back). I got to Santa Ana and discovered that our office was empty and locked...After some hunting with our senior team lead, we find out that the district manager is offsite and won't be back for hours, but she instructs me to leave them with the package holding office down the hall.

So I head home after doing that(and a teleconf meeting with the client PM) and wait for [livejournal.com profile] frawg_angel to arrive. She fought her way though traffic and arrived about 1730 and we headed off to the Santa Monica Pier(her favorite spot). Timewise it was about perfect, we had time to park and leisurely stroll to the end of the pier before the sun set over Malibu. It wasn't a spectacular sunset, but it was still pretty. We wandered back up the pier and headed for dinner at her favorite restaurant, and WOW was that good. She joked about the Italian Seafood place, but it really was...and it was excellent. After dinner we wobbled back down the bridge to the pier and watched the waves break into the pilings and wandered though the amusement park before heading for the car and back home(well, hotel for me).

Tomorrow she's taking me to a Ren Faire here...it should be really cool to see how a different faire is done.

And now, to bed. Finally got my flight reservations made for next week(still need hotel and car, but the big stuff is done). Catch you all from Anchorage tomorrow night!


Apr. 3rd, 2007 02:00 am
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I had a nice long weekend due to End of Month Network Freeze...I flew back to Denver from Grand Junction on Thursday and had no installs, and made my way up to my parents place after the freeway reopened on Friday. I just hung out and chatted with Dad alot(and mom and my brothers some) and slept even more. I think I've finally kicked most of this cold...took 4 days of sleeping and not working but I feel almost human again.

About the only productive thing I did was burn a pile of DVDs for work and rebuild Dad's laptop for him. Turns out that he has a bad controller for the internal optical drive and it will not read from it about 49 times out of 50. He doesn't need it much, and has a USB DVD burner for those times when he needs an optical drive...but his laptop is old enough that it won't boot from USB, so reinstalling the OS is almost impossible unless there's an OS on it already. I ended up launching the installer from his old OS, installing and letting it Nuke the Windows and Documents&Settings folder, and then deleted everything else by hand. Not as good as actually formatting it, but as good as that machine is going to get.

Only other thing i did was the usual weekend work stuff...billing time and payroll time entry, and then a "Why didn't you get this mandatory training done" email from my Boss prompted me to spend about 4 hours trying to get all the CBT's done so I could say they were done(He was understanding when I replied that I had been working 80+ hours a week and was sick to boot).

So, now that I'm all rested up, its off to work again in the morning. I have to admit, a 3 hour drive is a heck of alot nicer than a 12+ hour series of plane trips.

It was good to have the mini-vacation. I needed it.


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