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Went back to Whittier again today. It seems that there are a couple bridges out near a coworkers cabin on the far side of town that are about to be removed and replaced and I wanted to shoot them and the waterfalls surrounding them. I'd gotten an email from [ profile] justaduck last night asking about camera stuff and invited her along.

It was a fun trip...we headed down there and got trapped at the Girdwood "Really needs a traffic light" intersection when we stopped for coffee...the coffee was good but I ended up heading BACK to Anchorage and then turning around, because we'd already been at the intersection 10 minutes and could NOT make a left turn out onto the highway. It was insane there. We finally got out and back, and ended up hitting the Whittier Tunnel at just the right time. They opened the gate maybe 10 minutes after we got there.

Meandered though town and up the hill and around to the bridges. After a closer looksee than I'd given them before i most definitely see why they were removing them. One is just a pile of old bleached rail road ties held together with railroad rails in strategic places, and the other is a huge steel sledge laying on a bulging retaining wall of Rail Ties also pinned up with rails. They're sturdy enough themselves, but if the retaining walls give much more they're going down and in a hurry. I got a lot of good shots I think, and will have to go back when they're done to see what it looks like.

After that it was back to town and a stop at Swiftwaters for dinner. We hit the tunnel at the perfect moment , we were loaded into the last lane and one of the last 10 cars let though before they reversed directions. I'd spotted the train warming up to head out, and when we got on the other side of the tunnel we got in position as best we could to photograph it coming out. Didn't work as well as I'd hoped, but it wasn't bad.

We headed back to town then, and got stuck in a huge slowdown just past Girdwood. We never did see what the problem was, but we think it was a car pulled off the side of the road and 2 packed lanes of morons rubbernecking at it till they got past it. I hate that highway on summer Sunday Evenings.
We were almost to town when we spotted several kiteboarders(previously called slingshotters here) out on the Arm. I managed to find a break in the traffic and pulled in at the Chugach State Park HQ(the one with the train snowblower) and we shot the boarders for awhile. I got some outstanding photos of them, though I had my polarizer on so they all have a brown cast due to the lighting on the water. I even caught one of the boarders in midleap, followed by the splash.

I wound up talking with 2 guys there about was a recently separated soldier(he'd gotten out and come home to start up a business), and another was a tourist asking how well I know the area and where I'd recommend shooting at. I suggested Mirror Lake and Eklutna Lake and Virgin Creek Falls Trail...I hope he gets what he was looking for.

I also saw a rainbow on my way home after dropping [ profile] justaduck at her parents place. I even managed to get a few photos of it, though it doesn't surpass the rainbow I shot on Turnagain Arm a few years ago.


Aug. 1st, 2005 11:34 pm
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Owing to [ profile] tawollen's being here we(we being [ profile] kanigem and I) decided that a trip to Denali was in order, and to actually go all the way back in to Wonder Lake. [ profile] kanigem finagled the loan of a cabin near Healy for us to crash in, and I got tix for the bus trip.

We met up out in the Valley and I dropped my truck at [ profile] eidola's and we headed up in [ profile] kanigem's car. We didn't end up making it there till well after midnight and then certain someones *cough*[ profile] tawollen and [ profile] taureanbabe*cough* kept us up till about 3am chattering. Made 7am come wayyyyyy too early, but it was interesting listening.

We trundled out of the cabin and stopped for coffee in Healy, and ended up at the Wilderness Access Center at about 830(45 min before the bus). The trip itself was great, other than the thunderstorm that rolled up Tolkat River at us, and left us in rain from there to Wonder Lake. We saw all of the major animals, Bear, Moose, Caribou and even Wolf.

Lots of good times....but I don't remember them all, and I'm tired so I'm going off to bed.


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