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So, in 2008 we went to Hawaii for a wedding,and since we were there we flew to the big island and wandered around there. One of the places we saw was rainbow falls near Hilo, and at the time it looked like this.!i=1094317904&k=nsqWGtb

As of right now, it looks something like this...thanks to a hurricane.


Aug. 10th, 2014 03:04 pm
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On a lark last week while waiting for the weather to clear, I was looking up towns I'd lived in on Google Maps and seeing what had changed. That lead me into looking at the schools I'd been to and what was going on with them. I was rather surprised to learn that of the 7 schools I attended, 4 of them have been closed now.

I had known that the Jr HS I went to in Wheatland was shut down, it was built in 1927 and was getting to be in sad shape even when I was there 25+ years ago. But I was surprised to see that the other Jr HS I went to had also been shut down as well, and according to Map View been torn completely down, though streetview dates to 2007 and still shows the building complete with lines of buses and students heading in for the day. I admit to being a bit amused by the difference a few years made in mapping. I had to do some digging on the school district there to see where they'd moved that Jr HS to...only to learn that they hadn't. The school district is now composed of a bunch of K-4 schools, a pair of 5-6 schools, one 7-8 Jr HS , and one 9-12 HS. I discussed this with Mom(the one with an Ed degree) because it seemed like there was almost too much segregation of grades and ages, and she agreed with me.

Likewise I wasn't that surprised that Reliance Elementary had been shut down, it was also rather old, and I sort of recall hearing something about them busing kids into Rock Springs for school quite awhile ago(Its only a 4 mile drive to the school they moved them to). But I was rather surprised that Glenrock had closed its original elementary and moved all students to the new one they'd built way out by the HS. They'd needed and built a second gradeschool there, but then the population dropped and they didn't need it and were going to mothball the new one...and apparently the pop dropped again so they could fit all the gradeschoolers into the one new school.

I was mildly amused that of the schools that closed, it was both Second Grades and both Jr Highs.


Jul. 31st, 2014 10:12 pm
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Last weekend I was home we did a big cleanout on the front half of the house(or started anyway, we ran out of both recycle bin as well as trash bin) and among many other things I found a program guide to Cheyenne's Frontier Days for 1994. And yes, I am aware that makes me an incredible packrat, but there was an actual reason I kept that particular program.

According to the program the USAF Thunderbirds performed on July 27th that year. That date means something, because if I recall correctly, that was the day 20 years ago that I raised my right hand and was sworn into Delayed Enlistment into the USAF. My recruiter had done a minor bit of finagling to arrange it for that day so that I could have the Colonel in Command of the Thunderbirds do the actual swearing in. Seems a tad silly now, but it felt like it was a bigger deal, and made it more "Real" to me then.

That was the day my Total Federal Service commenced, so I guess that means I'd be eligible to retire if I'd stayed in?

Didn't actually leave for Basic till mid November...timed perfectly to spend Thanksgiving, Xmas, and New Years there.
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For those that would like to see them, my 2013 3 Barons RenFaire are now up at
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Rev decided to try and hide in the washing machine Monday evening :-(

We took him to the PetER Monday at 730pm after discovering him in there, and he was 70 degrees(severe hypothermia, cats should be 102). By midnight after being in the incubator he was upto 95, and semi responsive to pets and was sniffing at our hands and had a dazzle response to bright light(he had corneal ulcers from the detergent). We went home at that point. By morning they reported he was out of the incubator but still on IV and O2, and by the time we visited at the 24 hour mark he was in a kennel, had eaten, and was more than happy to let us feed him. He was also purring up a storm for us and the vets and even meowed a couple times. At the 48 hour mark we brought him home, with a cone of shame on to keep him from rubbing at his eyes while they healed. He could apparently still see well enough to escape the TV room, zoom to under Jess's desk in the living room, then dash to the bedroom and lounge on the bed.

I had to head to work about 2 hours after we brought him home, but he seemed to be doing well. Jess was up every 5 hours putting in drops to help his eyes heal, and we had him scheduled for a Vet visit today to follow up. Gracie had a dropoff that morning to check her lip, which was badly swollen and needed a biopsy(was fluid they're testing, but think is nothing big), and we brought him in for his checkup when Gracie was ready for pickup. The vet said his eyes are just about completely healed, so we can cut back to drops every 8 hours(jess is thrilled, no more getting up every 4 hours). The vet doesn't think he's at serious risk for organ failure at this point(a real risk in hypothermia, and can come days and sometimes weeks later), and he seems to be doing very well.

PetER is referring to him as their Christmas Miracle and named him Pet of the Week for all he's been though.

Rev has proven to be one incredibly rough old codger(he's 11, or 65 in cat years). And I'm eternally grateful for that.


Aug. 25th, 2012 02:10 pm
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And Renfaire 2012 is posted.


Jan. 11th, 2012 02:59 pm
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Requiescat in Pace Pixel
Oct 1999 - Jan 11th 2012

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It kinda makes me feel like an idiot when I spend 2 hours hunting down a problem in a webapp upgrade only to discover it was due to the difference in how windows and linux handle slashs.

Windows demands c:\webapp\install, linux like all unixlike OS's wants /usr/webapp/install, so when the app wants c:/webapp/install and I don't know this it causes...issues. Atleast now I have stage 1 of the upgrade done, now on to stage 2.
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And the 2011 3 Barons RenFaire has now been posted.
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So 2010 was quite a year for me, and had a ton of stuff happen. [ profile] angie_di were still living together, and planning a wedding. I'd originally wanted to wait till she turned 25, but we talked about it at length and realized it wasn't going to make any difference, and she really liked the idea of getting married in 2010. In February I had a couple "straw that broke the camels back" events happen that lead me to start very actively hunting for work...which proved fortuitous in that a former coworkers boss was changing jobs and they needed an IS administrator to replace him. I applied, and ended up being offered the position. It wasn't quite what I'd expected, they'd reworked it from a management to a technical position, with the superintendent handling the management. That lasted about a week :-) and i took over most all aspects of the job.

All that happened in Feb to April, and as a condition of hire I told them I needed the RenFaire weekends off, as well as the time to get married off. One of the managers interviewing me laughed when I told him that I needed time off to get married, and said it wouldn't be a problem, they'd just class it as bereavement leave. I chuckled at it, but knew [ profile] angie_di would be atleast a touch miffed by it all.

Renfaire was good, though exhausting. I was flying home Thursday's night, and racing for the airport Sunday night to fly back to work, so I didn't get to see Strike or any of that. Since I was landing in Fairbanks at midnight, and my bus was at 5am, I was just napping in the airport, so I wasn't getting much rest. Made for a long LONG Monday there. While this was all going on we were finishing up the last of the coordination for getting everyone to Reno for our wedding. [ profile] angie_di's best friend C was her maid of Honor and [ profile] bulldog_ak was my Best (wo)Man and we made sure they were there.

I flew home on Monday June 28th and we headed for Reno the next evening. To make this trip even more interesting and nerve wracking, I had dropped my phone causing it to really REALLY want to self discharge in about 30 minutes, and her phone stopped working because her mom found an iPhone 4 and bought it for her, so her old phone quit working as soon as they activated the new one. Made coordinating with people when we landed fun. We did manage to find everyone and start getting things setup. She'd decided that she wanted her father to perform the ceremony, and in Nevada thats not a simple thing to setup like it is in AK. She did get it done though.

The next day I went to the Apple Store to see if my phone was fixable, and ended up with a new phone. Sadly not an iPhone 4, but they warranty replaced the 3GS. Can't complain there really. We went shopping around town, and generally just killed time. The next day we collected the rest of the wedding party from the airport, and then went shopping again, and got a marriage license(simultaneously nerve wracking and calming) while checking out the location...which was weird because I'd never seen any photos of Reno but the Riverwalk was exactly what I'd pictured it to be. My parents arrived that evening and we all went out to dinner together so everyone could meet and greet and get to know each other.

Since our wedding would be a 1234am, we spent the 2nd racing around getting ready. I hunted up things to decorate the room with and her favorite wine while she was getting her hair done, and then we went to In&Out to get dinner for everyone before the ceremony. After dinner they headed to her parents room at the hotel downtown(not were we were staying) and got ready while I got ready at our hotel.

Everyone met up at the hotel downtown, and I told everyone that She wanted to be married at 1234am but since timing that to happen would be near impossible, not to look at watches or cellphones or anything..we'd just declare whenever we finished as 1234am. They all came down, and sent most of the wedding party on to the site on the riverwalk ahead of them so I wouldn't see her till she got there. Got down there and I was standing looking at a little water fountain taking a moment to collect myself...I was seriously nervous about it. Later she confided in me that standing above us seeing me there and not over at the site, she was worried I was about to change my mind. I wasn't, but I needed that moment to myself.

We went though with the ceremony, with me flubbing a line(which she'll never let me forget :-) but otherwise getting though it all. We were pronounced, kissed, and stepped back...only to hear her brother the wiseass say "I know we're not supposed to look at the time, but did you realize its 1234am?" I pulled out my phone and was 1234. We'd gotten it down to the minute perfectly...come to find out later, she'd wanted us to START at 1234, but hey, it worked out well and we had a good omen to start off married life. We both raced to update our facebook status after that :-)

The wedding was some wonderful amazing chaos, followed by the reception 3 weeks later which was practically rained out. I'm SO glad she talked me into buying the big tents we got. Honeymoon-wise we did what we're calling a pseudo-moon and took one of my RnR weeks and flew to Sitka and wandered around so she could show me all her favorite spots and I should show her all my favorite spots. It was a nice relaxing time.

That pretty much is what has been consuming my life, a new job I love, and a wife I love more than I can begin to express.
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So yeh, I've been sitting on this huge long year of amazing chaos post and not saying much of anything for about the last 6 months or so? ah well...its coming soon.

In other news, I sort of got promoted yesterday. Or at least they changed my title to more correctly match the work I've been doing since I started here. The whole Senior Tech thing never fit my actual workload, so I asked if we could change my title to IS Lead. Surprisingly not only did no one balk, they had it approved and signed off in less than a week.

I'm still bushed from last week...I'm getting too old to work a week of 18 hour days like that. Atleast we successfully got the new phone switch installed though.
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I suffered a catastrophic containment failure on the dashboard donuts in my truck today on the goat trail that thinks it's a road to Petersville. The donuts are still ok though, its just the containment.

And I'm betting less than a dozen people will actually know what this means. The end of an era comment is because the containment system in question has been in place since May of 2003, and finally came apart today.


Sep. 11th, 2010 07:32 pm
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Formatting a pair of 1.5TB drives takes way too long, and I don't really want to think how long its going to take to copy all the data off the old 500GB drives back onto them. On the flip side, It only took about 2 hours to diagnose that the reason for the near immediate shutdown of my PC after powering it on was thermal in nature. Turns out the CPU heatsink/fan had come somewhat loose, and the thermal goop was bad. I'm just amazed I still had a bit of goop around to regoop it with...I haven't done any desktop work in several years.


Jul. 5th, 2010 02:42 am
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I've now been married 2 days, 2 hours and 8 minutes.

I spent today swimming with my wife, her best friend and maid of honor, and my best man [ profile] bulldog_ak, then went to In & Out Burger for dinner and drove to Nevada beach on Lake Tahoe to watch the South Lake Tahoe Fireworks with my parents. We had a blast...on the half mile walk from the beach back to the cars, we were trying to reconnect our 2 groups and [ profile] bulldog_ak called out "Marco!" and probably 15 people within an 1/8th mile section of walkway called out "Polo". It was hilarious

...I'm married. Holy crap...


Jul. 2nd, 2010 12:34 am
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Countdown: 24 hours to go.
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8300 photos culled out to 2180 marginally postable images. I've never been as disappointed with my work as I am with this years Ren Faire photos. I'm so exhausted its not funny.

But, here you go!

2010 3 Barons Ren Faire!


Jun. 21st, 2010 08:41 pm
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Its amazing what a difference 300 miles farther north makes when you are this close to the Arctic Circle.
At work, Sunrise:2:57 AM AKDT Sunset:12:47 AM AKDT
At home, Sunrise:4:20 AM AKDT Sunset:11:42 PM AKDT

Happy Solstice!

Countdown: 12 days
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I got up to a msg that my ICQ number was in use on another computer this morning, and when I tried to log in it said my password was incorrect. I'll bet anything if I try to communicate with whoever took it they'll answer in cyrillic. I've seen several friends accounts get usurped by russian speakers...apparently ICQ is the hot IM client over there, and theres alot of status to low UIN numbers. And with an account number of 288798 it doesn't get alot lower.

Ah well...the last person that IM'd me there was Earl, and before that it had been atleast a year since anyone contacted me there. Still, it was my first IM client.
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About 2 months ago we got a programmable thermostat for our furnace. I left it at its defaults of 70 between 6am-8am and 5pm-10pm and 60 the rest of the time and it seems to be working well. We've discovered one sort of amusing thing though. It seems that The cats don't notice it all that much, except for Rev...we now have to be careful flopping on our bed because there's a good bet that he's burrowed under the covers where its warm. I'd seen him do it a handfull of times in the past, but now its nearly all the time. Poor chilly cat.

I have to admit though, the difference between 70 and 60 when you are just sitting around is Noticeable...more than I would have thought. I've been home the last 3 days burning off PTO before i lose it(stupid policy change, why cut the carryover down to 40 hours when the first quarter is when we have the least work and could most afford the time off?) and I've been wrapped up in my robe(Jess made me a kickass fleece robe for Xmas) and a blanket over my feet because its too chilly not too. The cats are loving me being home though, the bedroom isn't closed to them like usual and they're enjoying the napspace(I swear EVERYONE loves that bed...every person thats napped on it has loved it, guess it was worth the price).


Jan. 26th, 2010 10:48 pm
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Over the years I've changed and updated my organization structure for photos a few times. The biggest event I shoot each year is the 3 Barons Ren Faire, and the internal org structure for those has also evolved. Over the past couple weeks I've been going back into those old photos and updating the org structure to match the current structure I'm using. Tonight I finally finished getting the 2002-2007 photos updated. Whew!

I was debating doing a complete import of my entire photo library into Lightroom(I've never imported my back catalog in, just what I've shot since I started using it) and then exporting to Smugmug, but I'd have to go though and rate and keyword everything, and I'm thinking thats too big a project to tackle for something that a few dozen people might look at for nostalgia. So I'm just taking the resized for webposting directories and updating them(will be much faster to port across than it was to setup everything I've just done) to current standards and then posting those. That gets the web resolution photos up for people to look at and I won't go insane doing the work. I'll still do the bulk import of all the full res photos, but I can take my time rating them based on what I've posted.

I feel somewhat accomplished now.


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