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Aug. 10th, 2014 03:04 pm
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On a lark last week while waiting for the weather to clear, I was looking up towns I'd lived in on Google Maps and seeing what had changed. That lead me into looking at the schools I'd been to and what was going on with them. I was rather surprised to learn that of the 7 schools I attended, 4 of them have been closed now.

I had known that the Jr HS I went to in Wheatland was shut down, it was built in 1927 and was getting to be in sad shape even when I was there 25+ years ago. But I was surprised to see that the other Jr HS I went to had also been shut down as well, and according to Map View been torn completely down, though streetview dates to 2007 and still shows the building complete with lines of buses and students heading in for the day. I admit to being a bit amused by the difference a few years made in mapping. I had to do some digging on the school district there to see where they'd moved that Jr HS to...only to learn that they hadn't. The school district is now composed of a bunch of K-4 schools, a pair of 5-6 schools, one 7-8 Jr HS , and one 9-12 HS. I discussed this with Mom(the one with an Ed degree) because it seemed like there was almost too much segregation of grades and ages, and she agreed with me.

Likewise I wasn't that surprised that Reliance Elementary had been shut down, it was also rather old, and I sort of recall hearing something about them busing kids into Rock Springs for school quite awhile ago(Its only a 4 mile drive to the school they moved them to). But I was rather surprised that Glenrock had closed its original elementary and moved all students to the new one they'd built way out by the HS. They'd needed and built a second gradeschool there, but then the population dropped and they didn't need it and were going to mothball the new one...and apparently the pop dropped again so they could fit all the gradeschoolers into the one new school.

I was mildly amused that of the schools that closed, it was both Second Grades and both Jr Highs.
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So, in 2008 we went to Hawaii for a wedding,and since we were there we flew to the big island and wandered around there. One of the places we saw was rainbow falls near Hilo, and at the time it looked like this.!i=1094317904&k=nsqWGtb

As of right now, it looks something like this...thanks to a hurricane.


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